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Training & Legal Lectures

Susan Singleton has given about 1700 legal courses since 1993 in the UK and abroad, on average giving about 70 courses a year, many being all day or several days long. This is possibly more than any other full time practising solicitor in the UK. She also regularly chairs legal conferences.

Through established conference providers such as MBL, CLT, Falconbury and Management Forum and others she has spoken at in-house and public events and also put on her own events over the years. Typical courses which have been provided in-house and as public events include on competition law, data protection including GDPR, commercial law developments, IT/ecommerce/IP law -  copyright, trade marks, designs and/or patents, the Bribery Act, the vertical agreements block exemption regulation, consumer  and contract law.

She has spoken all over the world including in Iran, Dubai, Trinidad, Nigeria, Austria, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium and France.

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Recorded February 2018 for MBL Seminars - see http://www.mblseminars.com/Speaker/Susan%20Singleton/222:-
1. An Introduction to Joint Ventures - Protecting the Parties and their Rights
2. Buying and Selling Private Companies - the Nuts & Bolts

Recorded January 2018 for The Solicitors Group:-

1. Resale Price Maintenance - Competition Law Implications

2. Agency and Distribution Agreements - Update

3. Ownership of IP Rights - Update and Reminder

4. Preparing for Brexit for Commercial Lawyers.

 Recorded August 2017 for MBL Seminars:-

1. Brexit - What IP Attorneys Need to Know

2. Bring your own device policies and the impact of GDPR - An Update - Webinar

3. Data Protection, Copyright and GDPR - the Essentials for Law Firms


Recorded March 2017 for MBL Seminars:-

1. Protecting IP Rights in Software Agreements

2. Distance & Internet Selling - Complex Made Simple

3. Agency & Distribution Agreements - Drafting Tips for Commercial Lawyers

Above webinars for MBL Seminars


Recorded January/February 2017 for The Solicitors Group:-

1. Mergers - when do you need competition clearance?

2. Resolving and litigating disputes between shareholders

3. Joint ventures - common contract clauses

4. The new Data Protection Regulation - impact on your business pre and post Brexit

5. The new trade secrets directive and impact on and update of non-disclosure agreements

6. Competition law pre and post Brexit - update and reminder.


Older Webinars

1.Distance & Internet Selling - An Update on the New Legislation - webinar for MBL Seminars

2. New EU Law on Enforcement of Judgments - In Force from January 2015 - webinar for MBL Seminars

3. Termination of Agency Agreements webinar for MBL seminars

4. Joint Ventures - Webinar for MBL seminars

5. EU Law for Litigators - Spotting the Euro Points - webinar for MBL seminars

6. Competition Law a one hour update - Webinar - MBL seminars

7. Data Protection - bring your own device policy webinar - MBL seminars webinar

8. Data Protection Compliance & Copyright - The Essentials for Law Firm Staff - webinar - MBL seminars

Books by Susan Singleton

All books by Susan Singleton can be purchased from web sites such as www.amazon.co.uk - search "Susan Singleton" for a full listing. Some books are listed below:-

Susan Singleton's Amazon author page at link

Joint Ventures and Shareholders' Agreements, 2017, 5th edition, Bloomsbury £165 link

Beswick and Wine: Buying and Selling Private Companies and Businesses, 10th edition 2018 £203.26 link

Buying and Selling Insolvent Companies and Businesses (joint author with Ken Titchen), 2nd edition 2013, Bloomsbury £100 link

Commercial Contracts - a Practical Guide to Standard Terms, (joint author with Dr. Richard Lawson (died  2018) for editions 1 - 4 and for the 5th edition with Dr.  S. Sheikh), 5th edition 2020 CD £135 link

Commercial Agency Agreements: Law and Practice (Bloomsbury), 4th edition 2015 £133 link

Business The Internet and the Law (Bloomsbury) Loose leaf work. From 2021 part of Bloomsbury's Intellectual Property and IT online servce.  Updated thrice yearly,  £540 ISBN 075451241X link

Comparative Law of Monopolies, Kluwer, 3 volume looseleaf, updated twice yearly $984 link

Competition Law (1993) Audio Presentation - Susan Singleton