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Farm Law Accross Europe (EU Farm Law)

Farm Law
Published by Singlelaw

Farm Law

Farm Law is available as a monthly newsletter and by email by PDF.

PRICE £795 for eleven issues per year.

ISSN: 09648488

Product Description

Farm Law provides the latest case updates and legal news for agricultural and rural land owners and their advisors across Europe.

With updates on case law and legislation, Farm Law offers an executive summary of all the latest developments and how they affect those in the agricultural industry.

The monthly print publication, which is also emailed as a pdf, gives you access to content that will help you stay at the head of farming law.

Each month, subscribers benefit from summaries and further commentary on the latest legal developments affecting all aspects of the business of farming and the protection of the rural environment.

Farm Law takes lengthy and complex court judgments and extracts the crucial elements, giving you a succinct report to help you effectively manage your time.

Edited for many years by experts in agricultural law including Geoff Whittaker (Consultant & Adviser to the Agricultural Law Association (www.ala.org.uk) and also a member of the Executive Board of the Comitè Europèean de Droit Rural (www.cedr.org), Farm Law now draws on a wide range of expert contributors who are solicitors and barristers. The journal provides an executive summary of all the latest developments in the agricultural industry, including insight and explanation of recent cases and complex legislation.

Each month includes -

  • Farm Law News: the latest and most relevant legal news stories - these notes take the form of a summary of the stories and provide a commentary, making it easy for people to understand the major points involved.
  • Legal Briefs: developments in the law affecting all aspects of the business of food production and rural land use
  • Cases in Court: Summarises the key cases and brings the reader's attention directly to the crucial elements which may have implications for them
  • Focus: Regular in-depth reports on topical issues
  • Also includes key extracts of legislation passed in Westminster, Brussels and Strasbourg

Subscribers benefit from: summary and commentary on the latest stories and legislation, easy to interpret and understand without doing huge amounts of research.

To subscribe email susan@singlelaw.com or call 020 8866 1934 (non-UK:+44 20 8866 1934)