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Singletons Commercial, Competition & IP/IT solicitors

Singletons is a long standing specialist commercial, competition and IP/IT firm of London solicitors. Experts in commercial litigation and corporate disputes/business sales. Email susan@singlelaw.com or tel 020 8866 1934 for legal advice now.

Good value high quality advice. Prompt response times. Practical advice. Based on 20 years of City and business experience. Advice given to companies in the UK and abroad from leading UK FTSE 100 plcs to small start ups. Over 1000 satisfied clients since 1994.

We will advise you on:-
  • Company/commercial law, buying and selling businesses, joint venture and partnership agreements (see video on "Singletons" page of site and youtube) standard terms of sale, contracts, contract and other commercial disputes and litigation
  • Commercial litigation and disputes - major High Court litigation regularly won
  • EC and UK competition law - abuse of dominant position, pricing issues, parallel importation, price fixing, compliance and training, competition law damages litigation, EU and UK investigations, mergers and merger notifications, Bribery Act 2010 and compliance
  • Intellectual property law - copyright, patents, trade marks, designs
  • Computer, ecommerce, internet data protection/privacy and IT law
  • EU law including commercial agency regulations
  • Contact us now for urgent commercial litigation advice. Some competition, intellectual property and IT and director/corporate disputes can sometimes be undertaken on a no win/no fee (conditional fee) basis although since April 2013 after legal changes this is only worthwhile if the sum being recovered is £100,000+ in damages in many cases.
  • Singletons' charges are often substantially less than our London competitors on the other side in most commercial litigation/competition-CMA matters/IP and similar matters, but with faster guaranteed response times and more personal attention and usually greater experience.
  • We have won virtually all cases we have taken to trial and have an almost 100% success rate at settlement at mediation.

" Working with you and Xxxx on this deal has been a revelation to me; we had two solicitors who were dealmakers and with no agenda other that get to completion. Neither of you had any interest in scoring Brownie points off each other or blinding the other with legal acumen. At no time was there any rancor or anger and you are both to be sincerely congratulated." (Unsolicited comment when acting on an acquisition of a business)

“Her energy is unsurpassed. She has written an incredible number of books about IT law (last figure I heard was – 27!) and has lectured frequently in this area. She has also set up her own very successful law firm and raised 5 children (almost entirely on her own). She is also a genuinely nice person and is very self-effacing. In her spare time she is an accomplished musician. I feel tired listing just some of what she has done.” (Jeremy Holt, Partner, Commercial, IP and IT, Clark Holt, March 2020  - Nomination of Susan Singleton as a Female Tech Law Hero for International Women's Day for The Society for Computers and Law - https://www.scl.org/articles/10836-female-tech-law-heroes-nominated-by-you).

 "Our proposed joint venture with another company looked about to be derailed by purchase of shares technicalities. Following a recommendation from our solicitor, Susan Singleton stepped into the breach and completed in two days what we feared would not happen at all. We can’t recommend her services enough and will be retaining her number on speed dial.” (Gary Oliver, Systema Fire and Security)

 "The best lawyer I have ever worked with. One of those people who knows what you need. This will definitely be our choice for the next time" (unsolicited feedback, IP/IT advice).

"Having such a good team makes the lives of individual members of the team, and particularly mine, so much easier" (Leading Counsel in commercial high court litigation)

"Susan Singleton of Singletons is renowned for "acting for the people who matter", and was said by one peer to be "as good as Millard on data protection"".(Chambers and Partners Guide to the UK Legal Profession, when ranked in top 32 IT solicitors in London and Chambers· World·s Leading Lawyers).

"The "terrific" Susan Singleton at Singletons "knows more about data protection than just about anyone in the country, according to clients" (Chambers Guide)

"Susan Singleton continues to develop a thriving IT and competition practice"... "Susan Singleton of Singletons is said to be "level-headed" and "always on the ball"" .. "Singletons· phenomenal Susan Singleton is eminently sensible and knows her stuff"...."With a high profile in lecturing, publishing and advisory work .Susan Singleton is noted for her extraordinary energy.." (Chambers) ) "Intellectual Property and Information Technology Recommended Expert", (Legal Business, Legal Experts)

  • TWITTER Follow Susan Singleton's legal tweets @Singlelaw, and stay up to date on legal changes on twitter.com - legal news as it happens.
  • Consumer Credit - Legal and Regulatory Implications (2022 legal article for publishers Croner-i) (see LINK )
  • Updated commentary in LexisNexis' Encyclopedia of Forms and Precedents  Vol. 12(3) - Confidentiality volume 2022 and Vol. 12(2) - Data Protection and FOIA volume Jan. 2020
  • Contracting with Online Platforms, LexisNexis (see LINK) (first published on Lexis(R)PSL Commercial on 19 October 2018)
  • Secretary of State for Health and Others [2018] EWHC 3586 (Admin) - decision on access to documents in litigation  Dec. 2018 (judgment at link)
  • Jadebay Ltd and The Discount Outlet v. Feel Good UK  [2017] EWHC  1400 (IPEC)
  • Martin Pointing v. Customs and Excise Commissioners [1999] F.S.R. 394.
  • Yeheskel Arkin v Borchard Lines Ltd & Others [2003] EWHC 687 (Comm) and (preliminary Issue) [2000] UKCLR 495; [2000] Eu LR 232 - see also :- 
    1. Arkin v. Borchard Lines Ltd ( Preliminary Issue) [2000] UKCLR 495; [2000] Eu LR 232; 
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      Case summary at link
  • 7 December 2015 The Independent - advising on IT law in relation to random purchases by an automated bot which buys for an art exhibition see link
  • 2014/16 acting for intervener in EU tobacco directive 2 challenge in High Court [2014] EWHC 3669 (Admin) see link and CJEU (2016 case C-547/14) link
  • 2016 acting for two parties to judicial review of Plain Packaging Regulations in High Court and Court of Appeal (BAT & Ors. v SSH (High Court [2016] EWHC 1169 (Admin) link and Court of Appeal [2016] EWCA Civ 1182
  • Won three years' commission for commercial agent under Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993 in James Craig Donald/Craijan Ltd v. Worcester Marine Windows Ltd Case No: 2WR00372 (January 2013) see link


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E. Susan Singleton is a member of the Law Society of England and Wales.

Elizabeth Susan Singleton, LL.B, solicitor, is a sole trader trading as Singletons. Personal SRA number 131514.

Singletons is a firm of solicitors entitled to engage in litigation and other "reserved" activities which may only be provided by authorised and regulated firms. Elizabeth Susan Singleton -  Practising Certificate 2023/24

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